Hey there every one! I’m looking to get more involved with WrA Role players. If you could reblog this so that I can start to follow some of the role players who frequent Wyrmrest Accord I would appreciate that! Time to get back into the flow of things. 

Hey guys, you all helped me out a lot when I did this, so I’d appreciate it if you gave my friend and RP partner the same courtesy. She’s great.

Feel free to follow Vandy here and her son, @orteliuscrozier

WRA roleplayer here!  Mostly Draenei, but I have a clan of Night Elves I write for too. 🙂

Same here, mostly Draenei, but I have an Night Elf and a Pandaren to even things out.

eyy pretty much all draenei here bc i don’t rp the lone nelf i’ve got

WrA vet here! I have both Alliance and Horde characters but my A-siders are probably shelved until Legion drops so I’m mostly looking for contact on my dead elf. He’ll draw runes on your stuff while insulting you.

Tevruden’s IC blog is actually here: @social-justice-death-knight