I am going to be real with you. If, in MMOs, you find yourself seriously bent out of shape over content that was once difficult to get (or is now no longer available to get) becoming more easily available several years later, you got problems and need to perhaps pet a dog or enjoy a cool, refreshing drink on a nice day.

Thiiiiis oh my god.  The fun and challenge and EXPERIENCE you had associated with whatever content / items / achievement / shiny mount can’t be taken away from you.   That’s yours.  You got shiny thing before everyone else.

Other people getting to enjoy shiny thing in no way devalues your experiences.

I used to have a friend that stepped all over others to make sure they got their own shiny thing and would frequently have tantrums and threaten to quit (WoW, and another site) when things became more accessible to others, or outright refuse to help people once they got theirs.

I worked my ass off for my SoO scorpion / Cutting Edge achieve, and to get to hit Garry in the face when it was current.  Do I care that others can farm it now? NOPE.  Hell, I’ll help you. I love running old raids, and keeping them as 1% drop makes getting them a challenge all their own. Other people getting a cool thing doesn’t take away how much I had to work and improve as a player to get to that point.

Stop defining fun in MMOs as the exclusion of others from content.