so evidently in the new ben 10 show called omniverse or something theres an episode where ben accidentally gets engaged to this girl:

and ben is like, not in to it? he’s grossed out and doesn’t want to marry her?

fuckin EXCUSE ME ben???

ben you stupid sack of shit you got a buff as hell four armed red skinned alien babe with a thor hammer thats strong as hell and wants to marry you and ALSO shes got big titties and you don’t want that in your life???

FUCK this cartoon and FUCK all cartoons made by normies. when are we gonna get a cartoon where a hot as hell alien is like “oh human marry me” and the humans like “FUCK YEAH IM IN TO THIS”

dont give me none of that steven universe shit either. rose quartz is hot but shes also just a human. theres nothing alien about her. shes a rock that has a holographic human form. fuck that that doesn’t count. shes either gotta be a barbarian or a giant mantis monster. thats the hot stuff