Honestly, given what’s at stake, Tev would enjoy this a lot. With the resurrection of the Four Horsemen, the Ebon Blade is seriously Stepping up Their Game, and Tev would enjoy the ability to be even more ridiculous in combat than he already is. He’s not exactly looking forward to all of the paperwork that being this ridiculous is. Maybe *now* he can actually raise a ghoul that’s competent enough to do it for him.

As for Koltira, the the shoe is on the other foot now. I’ve felt that Koltira was the sort of person was the sort of person that kinda lorded his position over Tevruden (even though they were probably raised a few hours apart at the most.) Tev probably wouldn’t rub it in TOO badly, but he most definitely drops references to Kolitra’s “Vacation in the Undercity” and “Listening to Sylvanas’ terrible fanfiction” as much as he can.