The best part is- it’s the cover of a children’s book I published back in 2010. Fabulous. And the video was made over a year ago so it has been running under my nose.

The video:

The original is here.

When I inspected my deviantART submission closer, I discovered that the download option as on. (This was submitted long before dA did their revamp of all these neat little extra features). So I was unaware that someone could come along and swipe a slightly larger version (even though it was web resolution.) So my caution to you is PLEASE check your deviantART and make sure that when you upload your work to the internet, you do so in low enough resolution to discourage print and reuse. Watermarking doesn’t always work.

This company is in New Zealand and I’m not exactly in a position to just willy nilly sue them like so many ignorant people are telling me to do. But what you can do is Spread the word – and make them feel it on social media. What I have done is filed DMCAs in places they have uploaded the video. Here’s hoping people in my industry realize that using google image search for commercial reuse is not okay.