Another quick drawing tonight … I am trying to get back into it so yeah … anyway, this time we have Pythian Shadewind. I don;t think I have mentioned him much on here. He is my Destruction Warlock … he’s also insane… the fel magic got to him I think. He’s not particularly evil per say …. he’s more like … chaotic neutral/good …. He happens to be an engineer as well, and spent a lot of time hanging around Goblins … he’s one of my younger Blood Elf characters, age -wise, but he’s one of my oldest character in game. 
His hobbies include blowing shit up or lighting it on fire … he also likes to cook (and is actually good at it) …. he is friendly but a bit shy and withdrawn when he first meets people … until something causes him to blow shit up… like, he just gets excited about blowing shit up … he like the way stuff looks when it’s exploding. He’s otherwise a fairly passive, quiet character. 
He’s also totally gay … well, provided there is someone who can catch his attention for any length of time (he has a short attention span) 
I used to Roleplay him a lot with an old friend, but we kind of just dropped out of communication so he hasn’t had a chance to have life breathed into him again yet. I would love to roleplay him again as he is a fun character!