Why Tumblr shouldn’t play D&D.

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That twist ending

If a DM is more interested than a stock quest than in the players exploring the nature of the setting, they are a major dullard. When my players don’t want to kill the monsters but want to understand them, I don’t just let them do that until I decide to drop rocks on them and kill them.

That DM is a complete idiot for doing this, usually you have to twist the players’ arms to get them to be interested in your setting and do a political campaign. And you want to throw that away for a fucking evil Lich plot? I mean, my god, how unimaginative can you get?

Now, I dunno, maybe it could have been interesting if the Lich had also been plotting to overthrow the kingdom for political reasons, and the players’ actions stopped him because hey, they managed to sort out the root of the problem and not just a symptom, and the next campaign arc is Living and Undead rights.

But just doing a out of left field “lol lich wants to make bone warriors and make the world dark and people dead“? Doesn’t tie into anything in the campaign, isn’t satisfying, and is just generally a really dull and boring idea.

As a DM, you’re supposed to work with your players, not against them.

“My players were self motivated and told me from their actions they wanted a game with politics. So, I ran that game even if it wasn’t what I planned.”

“How’d the campaign end?”

“Oh, I just killed them because railroading them didn’t work.”

“Wow, I bet you’re fun at parties. ”

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