♥Waist-up sketches: $15 (just the lineart)
♥Waist-up colored: $25 ( x x x x )
– – –

♥Full body lineart: $30 ( x x )
♥Full body flat colors (minimal shading): $40 ( x )

– – –

If you’re interested, please send me an e-mail to battleguppy(at)!
Payment via paypal only! 
In the e-mail, please include your tumblr username, reference pictures/descriptions of your character(s), and if you have a preference as to what you’d like me to draw! If you don’t have one, I will wing the pose and such 🙂 Both NSFW and SFW stuff are a-okay! OCs, Game characters, fanart, etc!

Please somewhere write down your paypal address and/or the name you’ll be sending payment under, just so i can keep track!

I think that;s it but if you have questions, shoot me an ask/message!!

Reblogs are appreciated <’3