I constantly see these posts where artists complain how they don’t get enough notes/reblogs. And it’s so discouraging and that they just want to stop drawing if they get less that 1000 notes on a pic. 

I get it, it’s great when your work is appreciated. EVERYONE loves compliments. But. It’s not the community’s responsibility to constantly boost your ego. It’s not their job to make sure you don’t feel “discouraged” to draw. They don’t have to reblog your drawing if they don’t want to. Nor do they have to write nice things in the tags if they don’t want to. Just to make you feel better. So that you don’t stop drawing. If your work is not reblogged enough, think about why that’s the case. Learn to sell yourself. How else do you think artists in the real world work?

Honestly, if getting less than 1000 notes on a post is enough of a discouragement for you to abandon art altogether, maybe you weren’t all that into it to begin with.