hear me out:

so there’s RP of dks having children (pregnancy)? Interesting route for dk rp.

I would understand if the character was pregnant at the time of death and was risen as a death knight with the child still in the womb. (would that be an interesting rp for you isn’t it?)

I have a little trouble understanding when someone’s dk character BECOMES pregnant. I mean how it’s possible? the entire body is undead with only magic maintaining the form. The child in the womb need materials for development and food (or magic). Will the dk mother will have to get blood (cannibalism) to feed the child in the womb? (or the blood worms will?)

Unless the player is trying for Pearl’s method (from Steven Universe)? was that it? Mind you, Pearl gave up her existence for Steven.

Give me your theories 😀

Just throwing it out there. I’m all for creative rp but I want to see development of the tale of how instead of “oop! I’m pregnant all the sudden!’ posts. :3