Hey everyone, I’m going to try something new today. As you all know, I
will not be accepting commissions anymore. My list is the last
commissions I will be doing (right now my list says glass dragon, raven
girl, and phoenix. If you’re not on this list get ahold of me now
because the move may have knocked it out of my short term memory).
However I am part of a group that does bi monthly auctions of originals,
and they have a theme for each auction. I was thinking that I will post
up the theme and people can make suggestions of what they WOULD
commission me for, on the off chance that I pick it and it becomes
available at the auction.

So that thought in mind. The next auction is March 24th. The theme is:
●March: God’s and Goddesses from different Cultures /Mermaids

you were hoping to hire me for either of those themes, feel free to post
or privately message your commission thoughts to me and we’ll see what