tryin to get back into the groove so I can resume commissions…

so I drew Ro from the AU where he doesn’t die, and instead quits being a paladin and takes up blacksmithing… and smooches his beautiful wife Sisina all day long

[2/9/16, 10:09:48 PM] ICY (AJ): did u see this
[2/9/16, 10:09:49 PM] ICY (AJ): http://icyvveins.tumblr.com/post/139016445889/tryin-to-get-back-into-the-groove-so-i-can-resume
[2/9/16, 10:11:04 PM] Tevruden: Leg so hot
[2/9/16, 10:11:07 PM] Tevruden: Hot hot leg
[2/9/16, 10:11:17 PM] Tevruden: Leg so hot u fry an eg