hah well see, in the case of photoshop and how fucking expensive it is, the internet is a great place for a pirate like me. But if you don’t wanna stoop to such dastardly deeds, I’d suggest one of the other many fine programs other people use that are actually freeware.

the only freeware art programs I can think of off the top of my head are fire alpaca and gimp, I’ve used both of those at times, and they’re really not at all that bad tbh. photoshop and sai I feel are just Brand Essentials a lot of times, it’s never the program that makes the artist, but what the artist does with the tools they’re given i guess, idk. Other option: just pirate that shit homie. 

Krita is also great drawing program and is free!

open canvas 1.1 is still free afaik!