the tragedy of anakin skywalker (x)

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OH GOD NO BUT THAT WOULD BE PERFECT. how did the jedi not think of that?

what is anakin’s biggest weakness? attachments.

you know who needs lots of attachment? babies. small children.

anakin should not have been made to study murder: he should have been put in charge of Small Things. He would have bonded with all of them instantly, and it would have given his life Meaning and Purpose.

He’d bond with the kids, but he’d be able to move on because they are Bigger now and they have to go to the Big Kid Class but he still sees them around all the time, and it finally teaches him how to let go of his attachments??? He’d find a kid that he’s particularly fond of and go to Obi-Wan and say “I have found your newest padawan.”

this could have fixed so. many. things. ;_____;

Heh, and Anakin would keep picking Obi-Wan’s padawans for him, and it would be annoying but damn if he wasn’t right every single time.

JUST IMAGINE HOW ANNOYED PALPATINE WOULD BE his life would be never-ending
string of trying to get a hold of Anakin (I mean, would Anakin give him a time of day if he can spend it with small kids who absolutely adore him instead?)

he keeps
comming over the years, but it’s always like


“Anakin, my
boy, we haven’t seen each other in a while—“

“I’m sorry,
Chancellor, now’s not the best time. I’m tutoring a class.”


“My dear
boy, I wonder if we could meet for a chat—“

“Well, it
can’t be this week, we’re going to Ilum, but maybe later…”


I’d like to—“

terribly sorry, Chancellor,” Obi-Wan Kenobi answers. The apologetic tone might
be just a tad exaggerated. “Anakin is on a trip with younglings, he
must’ve left his comlink behind accidentally.”


reached Anakin Skywalker’s private comlink. Leave the message after the tone.”


“It’s such
a shame that Council doesn’t consider sending you on this campaign, considering
the lightsaber skills you demonstrated when I was last visiting the Temple,

“Thank you,
Chancellor, but this is precisely why I need to stay behind. In fact just the
last week, the Masters decided I should take over some advanced lightsaber
classes, considering senior Padawans accompanying their Masters on the frontlines
need the training. I might take the Bear Clan along, make it a learning
opportunity for the young ones—“

closes his eyes slowly. He knows this from experience; Anakin won’t let himself
be budged from the topic of little monsters for at least another half an hour.


Chancellor Palpatine. Anakin left his comlink behind again, he’s in class—“


“Anakin, I
hoped you—“

“Oh! Chancellor,”
the voice on the other end is distinctly female, and Palpatine recognizes it after
a second. Kenobi’s second Padawan. He barely restrains the urge to gnash his
teeth. “Um, Skyg—I mean, Master Skywalker can’t pick up now. I can tell him you
called? It’s just that he was helping me with forms, and he forgot his comlink,
and he’s probably already in crèche…”


Then there’s
that one time when an actual youngling picks up the call. The less said about his
reaction to that incident, the better.


they were all right in the end. But in my opinion, this should never happened
in the first place, Chancellor.”

snaps awake. Was that… was that anger? Finally, the hours of listening to
worthless drivel about Jedi younglings paid off.

“My boy, I
absolutely agree,” he begins slyly, but before he can continue, Anakin steamrolls

“I think Jedi
Order is too deeply entwined in the conflict! I honestly don’t think even
senior Padawans should be anywhere near battles, not to mention in command of
GAR, but now even younglings are acceptable targets for Separatists and pirates!
Master Yoda and I were talking about this lately, and—“

swallows a scream of rage with some difficulty.


“Forgot his
comlink again, Master Skywalker has. With younglings, he is.”

younglings moved to the top on the list of things Darth Sidious will do after
taking over galaxy some time ago.

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