a customer @ walmart had a temper tantrum n my line i was @ the 20 items or less line n this guy was waiting behind this lady at the register across from me n the lady had like 3 carts filled w/ shit like even stuff on the bottom and i felt like it would b cruel of me 2 make him w8 so i let him com over even tho he had like obviously more than 20 items

n he was price matchin them 2 so he was like u sure man n i was like yea i dont got nobody here so he comes over n like were almost at the end of his shit n this lady comes up n she gets rly mad and shes yellin at him like I CANT FUCKIN BELIEVE YOU WOULD COME OVER HERE IF U GOT ALL THAT SHIT UR SO SELFISH

n i was like hey lady u dont gotta b so mean i told him 2 com over here

n she started cussin me out n screamin real loud so i just called a manager and kicked her out it was p good

I love reading stories where badly behaved customers get kicked out.