I’ve been levelling a human priestess
nigh-entirely through dungeon finder and I just hit level 59. The amount
of shitty DK tanks that have no idea how to play and just pull
everything is infuriating. I’m actually considering buying a 100 boost
to skip to the point where people know how to play their class.

I get the pulling is over excessive, fair point, but give them a break, they’re probably learning how to play DK, don’t be a cunt about it.

‘cause playing enough to level your toon to 100 means you know how to play the class. right.

the amount of shitty tanks, dps, and healers I’ve met at end game each expac is way more annoying than going through BC, because heirlooms in BC can carry the inexperienced or just bad players.

I’d like to point out that at lower levels the blood DK toolkit is really shitty. Up until very recently, (6.0) we got our rune regeneration talent a full 17 levels after we were able to do group content. And up until level 80, when we get out mastery the damage we take is super spiky.  As a person that plays DK in raid content I’m actually continually embarrassed at how bad I am DK tanking  in BC content.