its so fucking WILD i need to gush about it because holy shit this is so amazing to me

like sure theres that incredibly long and ludicrously in-depth video explaining parallel universes in super mario 64 (which is so goddamn wild) but his whole channel is just filled with this absolutely bizarre and kinda pointless way of beating super mario 64 without ever pressing the A button

I mean, he’s done practically THE ENTIRE GAME hardly pressing the A button which, if done altogether would take only 35 jumps and 29 HOURS, it’s absolutely insane but I love it so much and I can’t really say why

Theres another commentated video where he shows how he beats a level using only 6 jumps (which in the grand scheme of things is a lot) and he does it by teleporting a bomb-omb outside of the map and then spawning it back in to force him into a spot where he’s both simultaneously on the ground and in the air which allows him to build up speed (similar to the trick with the gate in the half A press video):

the whole thing is just so wild. Here’s another (which isn’t part of the route he uses for beating the game with as little A jumps as possible) where instead of just jumping into the secret aquarium star (which is an A button press) he instead spends TWENTY FIVE HOURS building up speed in the same place to go through multiple parallel universes and warp directly into the secret aquarium without jumping at all:

and its not like his entire channel is just him doing things without pressing A, he’s done videos where he does whole levels without ever using the joystick (which is even more wild in my opinion), like look at mario go:

and he talks about glitches too like I love this guy’s channel its so pure and so goddamn fascinating I’ve never seen a game been torn apart like this I love it so much