Tumblr, I have an idea. You’re desperate to monetize this
site. I get that. Running websites costs money, I know how the world works.

I am desperate for you to create a website I can use

I was on livejournal back in the day, and they had a thing
called “paid accounts.” The free account was always free, but the paid accounts
had special benefits.

If you offered paid accounts, I would buy one. I would give
them away for giveaways. I would give them to my friends as gifts. I had a paid
account back in my LJ days!

I think 25-30 dollars
a year is fair for the amount of entertainment I get off this site, considering
that tumblr, inc, does not make the content but serves as a vessel. That works
out to 2.50 a month at the high end, which is more money than you are making
off me currently because I use an ad blocker because we are at war. (Previous
to you taking replies away, I actually didn’t! Because again, I understand how
costs and money work) But also low enough that I think you’d be surprised how
many takers you’d get.

Let’s stop fucking with each other and just turn this into a
monetary exchange. I’m tired of the horseshit. You need money, I need a fucking
useable fandom website. Leave free tumblr accounts as they are, I don’t care.
But here’s what I want in a paid account.


  • I want replies back. No ‘we’ll get around to it’ no ‘replies
    are coming.’ I want them back the day you run my Paypal. You have the code, don’t
    even tell me you can’t turn it on for a particular blog, because you did the
    exact thing with messaging. 
  • I want to be able to upload videos direct to tumblr that are
    longer than 6 damn seconds. Give me some storage space. 
  • Custom themes or some bullshit, I don’t actually care about
    this but other people might
  • No ads for paid users

I would LIKE:

  • To create a button where I can decide to make a post
    rebloggable or not when I create it.
  • To have a quick dropdown when I ask a question so I can ask
    it from a sideblog.
  • Fanmail back

Now, I am not a great fool, and realize there will be GREAT
HUE AND CRY if you try to establish this. I don’t care. And you shouldn’t
either. First of all, there’s great hue and cry every time you do literally
anything. Secondly, the people who will complain the loudest are very likely
already using an adblocker, because we are on the internet and savvy to it, and
you are not making money on them anyhow.

And please don’t insult me, tumblr, by telling me it’s about
‘the love of the site’ or some crap. The changes you’ve implemented are
designed to make this more of a look-reblog-move on site where things go viral
and advertising can easily be slipped in, versus a conversational place. But I am
telling you, ‘I will give you money to stop fucking with me’

Let me give you money. And stop fucking with me. 

@staff. Cash for services. We’ll both be happy.

In the optimistic event that someone actually takes a look, here’s my list.

As a paying user I would NEED:

  • Replies back. Actual replies. At minimum, exactly like they were. I would happily accept them larger though, say the size of a question reply box or an Ask.
  • A Tumblr-side blacklist tied to my account that filters on the server end so the content I don’t want to see never hits my dash. That blacklist filters on mobile as well.
  • Better communication about things happening on the development side. By which I mean any communication at all.
  • No ads for paid users.

As a paying user I would LIKE:

  • An increase in post limits.
  • Post-level control over what is or isn’t rebloggable.
  • Some quality of life improvements offered by Xkit (like say tag bundles), if only because there’s no reason they don’t already exist I mean come on.
  • A way to organize the Ask Box, my god, please.

I’m not hard to please, I’m really not. You want money, I want to stay here. I fail to believe there’s not some way to make both our dreams come true.

I agree with all of the above, and would gladly pay for a membership if these features were available to users. Please start just asking for our money instead of sabotaging the social media aspects of your social media network to try and sell my content to advertisers.

I’d like:

A return to the tag system. I know they want us to get away from it, but I want to see more of a certain tag than what they filter into my feed and on my terms, when I wish it.

A better anti-spam watch. Seriously, some tags are just flooded.

You can get paid templates, but yes to the rest of this.

Amen.  I’d rather be a paying user than a commodity, Tumblr.  Let us give you a reasonable chunk of cash, and you deliver a useful product.  Everyone wins.

-a way to delete individual replies
-possibly a way to reply to replies without making a new post

I really like this idea, and the only thing I’d like to change here is that replies shouldn’t be a paid feature. Replies are useless if I can’t talk to all of my mutuals, regardless of their paid account status. If it’s possible, the two ideas listed by glumshoe above would be a great addition to the base reply structure for paid users.