I guess it’s about time I made a dang commissions post eh?

Everything is self explanatory up there but if you have any asks, send me a message off anon and whether or not you would like to be answered privately (generally with a [private] tag at the start of the ask)

I generally try to draw most anything to the best of my ability, but there may be a few things that I will turn down due to inexperience. No NSFW material this time either sorry! Tasteful pinups are allowed, however.

In your first e-mail, send me a message to claim a pending slot. Once confirmed, send me everything, including reference images, an idea of what you want drawn, what kind of drawing you want, and additional details like personality or w/e if you think it’ll help me portray your character better. I’ll respond with a quote and change the pending slot to a confirmed slot. Then we’ll go from there.

This first round, I’ll only be taking 3 slots. Please keep in mind I work 10 hour days and only have time to draw 2-3 nights a week so expect up to a few weeks for turnaround time. First come first serve also.


1. Open
2. Open
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