the amount of shits tumblr doesnt give about its artist base is so enfuriating like. come on guys. the most common things you see nowadays are like

  • an artist whos gaining popularity recently gets some callout post for some problematic thing they did like two years ago
  • an artist slips up a few times and next thing you know theres multiple blogs entirely revolving around talking shit on them and/or gathering every single solitary thing theyve slightly done wrong in their entire existence online
  • putting “i dont ship this but…” or “this would be better with…” in the tags and/or comments section of fanart
  • reposting without permission
  • using without sourcing
  • when they do something morally wrong they’re stamped with the PROBLEMATIC label and thrown under the bus faster than they can even apologize or realize what they did wrong
  • being called selfish/vain when they ask people not to use their art
  • being told fanart isnt “real art”
  • more stuff i cant even remember right now

like its gotta stop im so sick and tired of it. these people dont have to be posting art on here but theyre choosing to and the amount of artists on tumblr is dwindling out of fear of being deemed as a bad person. there’s a difference between genuinely problematic people and artists who make mistakes and the line between them has got to start being recognized

Hahah “fan art isn’t art.”
Some of the best art is from the bible fandom: