OC salt……… I’m irritated and disappointed

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I made a post earlier about the time ppl spent to make at least one character of course just few minutes of waste building a character is not enough and yet i found it stupid when these ppl just make one and everybody act like is the perfect of all not even the creator know his/her own creation yet i just found it stupid 

an OC’s personality and their story is obviously build over the course of weeks, months, years, but just designing a character doesn’t take all the time of the world of someone enjoys doing it and has the ideas already 

There is literally nothing stupid about it??

Just because some people take less time than others in creating an OC doesn’t make said OC or their creator (or their actions) stupid. They are still being as creative as anyone who takes more time in creating an OC, they just want to share their creations before finishing writing a whole family tree, background story, motto, relationships and what else there might be

When someone creates an OC without having all of these things done *yet*, doesn’t mean it will never happen, they are going to be fleshed out and written properly, it just takes longer for this stuff in order to be good

I think there’s a huge load of jealousy in you, because what is it to you if others like “less fleshed out OCs”? 

There’s also the case where the OC doesn’t need a bunch of fleshing out of their design, because the creator has a strong sense of the aesthetic of that character. Just because the character was created quickly doesn’t mean that creator doesn’t know anything about them or that the character is “empty.”