One of the few things I like about working with all the military folks who come and go though the AFB here is how they react to driving up and down 295.

Everyone and their mom drives at 80 when the limit is 65. 80 is good and generally doesn’t get you caught.

And yet even driving 80 on the left or middle lanes you will have cars pass you going over 80.

So when a car IS caught, the locals here go DAMN how fast were they going to get caught, while the out-of-staters freak out at everyone going So Fast.

I never go over 80 haha….75-80 is my personal limit.

Still annoys me when cars pull up RIGHT BEHIND me before passing e-e

This is also valid for 95 itself. I’m pretty sure I’ve done 90+ in the left lane so I could pass traffic because there was someone coming up on my ass.