My Defender by TamplierPainter

Blood elves dont have muscle D: or any facial hair at all! I hate when artist draw them incorrectly

You should tell blizzard they’ve been drawing their blood elves wrong then:

crystalelf is just a shitty judgmental person tbh. I’ve only seen them comment on things to tell people they’re wrong, or to say gay/trans people aren’t “normal”.

Lol as a person who has knows @crystalelf for many many years I can say that she is definitely NOT a homophobe, she supports all living beings she just DOENST blab about it 24 hours a day like many people do on here :/ in fact she has many friends who are gay and will gladly stick up for them any day of the week 🌈🌈
And BRUH you have only ever seen it on like one post where you two got into a small little razzle over a comment you both read in different ways, and I’m sure she means no ill intent toward the artist if this piece of art I mean she’s an artist to just the lore wise and how blizzard has describe blood elves in the past not to mention how weak they made the girl which she doesn’t like.. and she’s a huge lore nut to so :/ and no need to call someone shitty it’s not very kind if never call someone that no matter how mean they were

Oh yeah, I forgot about the lore. That’s the same lore where we’re going back into the past but not out past, an alternate past; a more SAVAGE past, and the same lore where Illidan didn’t die because he had an immortal demon soul right?

Oh, okay, thanks Chris Metzen