Alright, I’m gonna try and… explain this entire thing. But I’d really appreciate if everyone got a look at this. My current living situation is – with my fiance and his mother. His mother is the absolute worst. She is not only emotionally manipulative/abusive and gaslights ALL the time, but she is also incredibly irresponsible.

We had a verbal arrangement that if she could pay rent on our apartment, my fiance and I would handle all other bills. Food/cable/internet/phone/etc. The only bill she paid were her personal bills like cellphone, and our electricity.

Yesterday she came into our room and told us that unless we had $2,770 – because she didn’t – we were being evicted. All three of us, out on the street, because she could not handle paying rent. To give you an idea, our rent is only $1,065 and she makes over $20/hour in a full time job. Where does all her money go? We just don’t know. It’s not towards rent, though.

Now, I don’t want to be fucking homeless. So I went to my bank and pulled out a personal loan, under my own name, to pay for someone else’s debt. I cannot afford to take over the lease on this apartment, pay all bills AND pay off this loan now with my job alone. Josh is looking at maybe changing jobs, or starting a second one. I will be opening commissions when I get home from work.

If I can make at least $200 in commissions every month, that would be amazing, we could do this. Other than that… I don’t know where I’m going to be with all this debt I’ve now got to pay off…

If anyone would just like to help by donating a little bit, my paypal is monsieur.moose@yahoo.com

thank you for reading this shit storm, and thank you everyone for your continued support. I really appreciate it. <3