I was so, so hoping it wouldn’t have to come to this, but after an entire year of waiting and trying to be patient, I feel I have to make this official post.

Last January i inquired @burdwow about one of their $35 colored waist-up commissions [x]. After the second email with them sending the sketch, all contact came to a complete halt. I sent two more emails after that, along with multiple asks and fanmails on tumblr and a request for a refund. For months, there was nothing except for a few vague text posts that said she was getting to it [x] [x] It wasn’t until she was directly [called out] that they made a [text post]. She had not even attempted to try get in contact with any of the other people she had done this to. 

And there were quite a few. [x] [x] [x] [x] That’s 7 people alone that have been screwed over like this. Not including a few people who have come forward anonymously. I’m unsure if the people here have gotten their refunds, but I know I sure haven’t lol.

So she told me to send her my email and asked, since she could not get paid asap, if I wanted to have half the money now and half of it later. I said no, trusting she’d give me my full refund asap when she could.

And so almost a month passed. Again. I FINALLY got a reply saying she had the money. This was on December 12th. A month later. I sent two asks and a fanmail just in case she didn’t get my reply. And I decided to wait until the year was over to make this post in hopes she might contact me.

To top it off she had artist beware posts going back as far as 2011

At this point all I care about is that no one else gets scammed. I’d really like that money back but it’s too late at this point and I warn everyone to beware of commissioning this artist. 

Time to boost this again.