It’s a play on this fool:


When WoD launched, we cleared out the entire guild bank to prep for all the new items we’d get. The plan was to fill every single slot in every single tab with a Plain Letter <Written by Tareanus> containing lyrics to Smash Mouth’s All Star because I’m twelve years old.

edit: THERE’S MORE alright so obviously I wanted this to be anonymous so I’d wait until like 4 AM in the morning to log onto my precious Tareanus and write out all these letters and the moment I saw somebody who was in the guild pop up on my btag I was OUTTA THERE it was some Bond shit

Now the challenge was getting into the guild to deposit these letters because anybody could see from the logs who deposits an item, and I wasn’t about to be a fool and have Silane deposit roughly 680 Plain Letters <Written by Tareanus>. But the people who have invitation privilages are all higher-ranking self-respecting members. Who could I trust enough to establish cahoots?? Who else could commit to this level of sin?

The point is I never pulled it off which is a tragedy, but mostly it’s a testament to the fact that I am both A: stupid enough to not plan two steps ahead and B: dedicated enough to spend two hours of my early morning for two weeks copy/pasting “So much to do so much to see so much to do so much to see” roughly seven hundred times.