Hrrmmmm mmmmm

Can you people like…not fucking put up discourse over the recently deceased until maybe at least a week or so has passed? Like sure maybe the person wasn’t the best person ever and has done problematic things in the past but the fact of the matter is that a great number of people looked up to the person as an inspiration or role model despite everything. Let them have their mourning period, then educate those who may or may not already know.

Also given that this info is likely on Tumblr, I have a hard time believing what they say he did, he actually did.

Like at some point there was a, ‘Oh David Bowie was a pedophile’ post going around where the source was literally, ‘because someone else on tumblr told me he was’

But you know, he made the mistake of being popular, so now Tumblr has to go and put a dead man in his place and shit on people who liked him because golly, we just can’t let people enjoy something. 

I just find it suspicious that people care about this now as apposed to last week when his new album Blackstar dropped. If you actually cared about this, (instead of tumblr’s typical dogpile outrage) where was all of this discourse then?