@mona-wolt deleted her first post, the one that started this. Unfortunately for her I had already taken a screenshot. I went back and took screenshots of the other replies too- just in case they happen to disappear.

what a waste of space. 


I got some of it.

@ all anons who are asking me what happened, here you go.

Don’t support this trash.

i support it because that’s her opinion (: Tumblr is filled with homo nut freaks as this new trend and i understand her pain. Being normal is being straight because we are men’t to live and reproduce. reproducing is not two dicks touching each other. that doesn’t impregnate an egg. While all of you are under the Tumblr spell of constantly using pronouns which in writing saying “they” is improper to a being is completely retarded. i hope you all understand to grow up, rather than immature 12 year old children.

This is pretty funny because I’m 100% sure that “homo nut freak” and “retarded” are exactly the things a 12-year-old would say.