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Noooo, I’m still not open for general commissions. BUT! I think we’ve not had a headshot sale in a while, have we? So it is time. A headshot sale!

The base prices are as follows:
– 1 headshots: 5 usd
– 5 headshots 23 usd (save -2 usd on one headshot!)
– 10 headshots 46 usd and you will get an extra, free headshot!

To qualify for the extra headshot, you do not need to order 10 headshots at one; you can, say, order first 2, then 3 and then 5 headshots and still receive the free headshot! But to get the special combo price of 5 for 23 usd, you do need to order 5 headshots at once.

I can draw original characters (be it human, furry or fantasy creature), WoW/GW2/Wild Star/other mmorpg player characters, fan characters.

I do not draw real life people or their exact, unstylized likeness (this includes both celebrities and your family members), pets/pet portraits (animal ocs are ok) or any hateful content.

I do accept photos/“face claims” as supplementary references, but your main reference must be either a drawn reference, or a screenshot (in case of game characters) of your character. Using photos as references is subject to extra charges.

Work will be completed within 1-10 weeks, and you can follow my progress on my work queue trello! [scroll and click “current commission queue”!]

To commission a headshot, fill out this handly commission form! If I accept your commission inquiry, I will send you a PayPal invoice; if I do not invoice you within 48 hours, please send me an email! If I do not accept your commission, you will receive an e-mail from me stating so, so you should not be left hanging anyway.

If you want more examples of headshots I’ve already drawn, check out these: headshot tag @ meocraft, headshot tag @ meoproject ! 

If you are interested in seeing my general commission info for non-headshot -related commissions, click here! (as of writing this, I’m not open for general commissions, but if you are interested, you might want to check it out anyway…)

Thanks for reading!

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