Hiya! I was wondering when it came to commissions, did you do ref sheets as well? Or is it just stuff like the pieces you do now? As I have an undead translady who is in desperate need of being more than just some text and an in game model, and I’m having a hard time choosing some artists. If you know of some that DO, that’d be great. Preferably some with a more realistic art style similar to yours, nothing too… cartoony, I suppose.



I am closed for commissions permanently unfortunately.

I know of a bunch of amazing artists, but  many of them have more cartoony styles, and may not be what your looking for. I don’t know of too many WoW artists that have similar (or more realistic) styles, that also have commissions open.

Here’s a couple off the top of my head:





♦ Tmirai

Does anyone else know of any WoW artists, with a more realistic style, that could take on a project like this? Message trans-gal-linkle or reblog n comment if you do!

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