By the authority granted to me by absolutely no one, I am declaring the week of January 10-16, OC Kissing week!

Participation consists simply of having your OC kiss someone else’s OC and that can happen by writing, art, whatever. 

Do we need a tag? Why not? How about ‘ockiss16′? 

Reminder that this is happening starting Sunday! Anyone is welcome to smooch my OCs and I’m taking a few more OCkiss slots. So if you want a drabble/ficlet/fic (depending on inspiration) of your OC getting smooched, send me an ask or a message!


So… really?  Tal could just sidle up to Cillian and plant one on him?  And… that would be OKAY?  Can I do it in the rockband!au?????

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Yes, yes and YES OMG.