every single person who has ever made a text post that got 100k+ (or even just like 10k+) notes knows that there is no benefit to making a popular text post at all beyond it being sort of flattering for the first like 10 minutes

  • nobody follows u for making it. ever.
  • the notification blocker doesn’t really work because theres just too much shit going on
  • people make SUPER annoying commentary on the post that is rly repetitive (”has anyone else pointed out that-” yes. i have seen this exact text eight times today. i know you mean well but you are hurting me)
  • it makes it impossible to see notifications for posts ur actually looking for notifications on
  • it causes u to regret being funny

like all u get in return is absolute hellfire for like a week straight followed by 0 benefits and every time somebody revives it so it starts circulating again u rly just want to close ur laptop and punt it into a tree