draw stick figures. sing off key. write bad poems. sew ugly clothes. run slowly. flirt clumisly. play video games on easy. you do not need to be good at something to enjoy the act. talent is overrated. do things you like doing. it’s ok to suck

jesus christ yall dont play video games on easy oh my god

You never play a video game on easy no matter how hard it is to get through.

my least favorite thing that happens on this post is people who support it- except when it comes to the thing they’re good at
gamers say “never play on easy”
artists say “sing off key but for the love of god no stick figures”
singers say “all this but if you can’t sing keep your mouth shut”
you know what? i know your type. you’re all jerks & you’re not fun to be around.
have fun jacking off to the concept of superiority at your wet blanket convention. i’ll be over here actually enjoying myself