really though, “sneaking out” is such a white thing in every aspect bc firstly u need a big ass Suburban House™ with big windows and various levels of roofing so u can safely jump out. you also need White Parents™. forget getting out of the house my toe wouldn’t hang out of my bed w/out my mum knowing. let’s say u managed to best those eoc (ears of colour) how tf are u gonna get back in ? poc (parents of colour) all have a spiritual connection to their front door like they can telepathically communicate. 5 mins before i even approach that door u know my mum’s sitting on the other side waiting to kill me. it’s just not realistic. 


This is no joke tho. one time my brother snuck out, managed to get past all the obstacles that come with having an African mother, except one. MY MOM HAD A DREAM THAT MY GRANDMOTHER TOLD HER TO WAKE UP AND CHECK ON THE KIDS! i was sleeping in the room with her so she knew i was fine, but went to my brothers room and his ass was gone. that’s why whenever someone asks me to sneak out, im always like naw im good, the asswhoppin my brother got doesn’t need a sequel

Yo grandmama snitched on your brother from the dream realm… Ain’t that some shit lmao