“I can fix your blindness!”

“You’re deaf? I’ll cure it!”

“Don’t worry, I can mend whatever made you mute.”

“Hold still, I’m currently in the process of removing that character trait that you like RPing.”


Are you a Light-wielder? The virtue of Respect dictates that you must only help those who welcome your help.

Do you get help from the spirits of the wilds? Who are you to interfere with the natural order unless the person’s life is otherwise in danger?

Channeling some chi? What you would deem a defect may instead be the source of their personal strength. 

In short, ask permission. No, it doesn’t have to make sense to you. Ask permission anyway.

Relevant again

Not just RP though. Do you have any idea how many people try to fix me in RL? I want to say: “Thank you for your dissertation on why doing X, eating Y, or avoiding Z will miraculously make my bones and tendons grows back, my arthritis disappear, my blood pressure drop to normal, my inability to process iron stop, or my vertigo magically go away. Why don’t you just fuck off? K? Thanks.”