honestly who the fuck thinks that hordeside players actually got something from WoD all we got was all of our favorite characters derailed or killed off stupidly/prematurely and watched as orcs once again were tricked into doing awful shady shit and propped up as this super-powerful “evil faction” only to get their numbers fucking decimated all on a fucking lie meanwhile all the other horde factions were thrown aside yet again in favor of making orcs more “savage” like that action in itself isn’t fucking underhanded and nasty like what makes people think we wanted that lmao like yep I am sure glad of all these noble savage tropes and imperialistic undertones lmao

like anything good we could have kept from this is getting thrown under the fucking bus because nothing is being kept for legion WoD is just getting swept under the fucking rug

I went to Draenor and all I got was Bara Tiddies and Sadness.

#but seriously though #WoD was superfluous storyline wise
#why the fuck did they think that an AU back to the future plot line was necessary #next we’ll have a ‘anime tournament filler arc