So with the Holiday, insane work hours and stressing over my Dad I haven’t been up to much drawing. But after work it started snowing, then my folks called to share the mass they found was not a tumor or cancer but a really funky infection that can be cleared out….turns out the infection made a dark mass in the x-ray or scan (not sure what they did honestly) but they gave him meds and he’s already feeling loads better. I’m still exhausted but figured I’d share the quick scribble of my Druid Ankauh. He’s easily distracted admiring the critters and nature around him which is fine unless he’s needing to heal his party members lol. He’s such a laid back sweetie :B

Finally got him up to 64 tonight….he’s just a baby compared to my other toons but I’ve been having so much fun running around on him. You can expect more doodles of him along with my deaders lol