Finn is literally the most overt fuck you to toxic masculinity. 

Like, here’s a soldier who’s literally known nothing else but his warrior training his whole life, who’s identity has been consumed to the point where he literally has a number instead of a name, seeing what’s expected of him and rejecting it utterly.  He’s obviously physically strong and capable, but he finds his humanity in NOT using his strength, and his heroism in finding a reason to use his strength. 

He’s afraid for most of the movie, conflicted and hesitant and still able to be brave and strong.  In fact, his truest moments of bravery are also the ones where he is the most afraid and uncertain.  And his fear is never shamed or set up as a weakness, but rather as a huge part of what makes him both human and heroic.

It’s so important to me to see men allowed to feel a full range of emotions including fear and doubt and sadness and still be seen as strong and valuable.

(I think there is an extra layer to this given that Finn is also a black man, but I’m going to stay in my lane and let PoC tackle that.)