So I am in need of some emergency money!! I am down to $20 for the next week and a half and I CAN’T….DO THAT LMAO. I had no idea my office was closed for the entirety of Winter Break so I’m going to be strapped for cash for the next month or so. I’d love to have some extra funds!

These inked headshots are going for $15-$20 based off complexity and have a quick turnover rate! In fact, for the first 2 or 3 I get, I’ll make sure to get those done today, if not more! Paypal only, commissioner pays for paypal fees.

I will do: OCs, Wildstar characters, WoW characters, FF14 characters, GW2 characters, SWTOR characters…etc. I just don’t want to draw real people! I can do Wildstar Mechari and Chua 🙂 Haven’t tried a Granok but I’d love to try!

I am in DIRE NEED of some cash (especially since I had to cancel my credit card because of some security issues) so that $20 is all I have right now. Please, if you’re interested, send me an ask here, or email me at!

Signal boost!