this is the most beautiful tweet i’ve ever seen

Listen, its cool that JKR endorses poc Hermione for her latest post-series franchise cash cow, but lets not pretend that she deserves any credit for a black Hermione. She did not write black Hermione. Her backtracking and saying “Oh yes but she could have been!” post publication is not representation and it barely scrapes by as “canon” tbh. 

Fans created black Hermione. They deserve the credit for this. 

She didn’t try to take credit though? Someone literally asked her what she thought and she was like “yes good I love this.” Rowling knows fans created Black Hermione. We all know it.

Do we?  Because I see a lot of ass kissing JK Rowling on my dash rn

Oh? I haven’t seen any, really.

I also haven’t seen anything about her taking credit for it, but I haven’t actively looked either.

I probably shouldn’t have said anything since I don’t have a stake in this, so I should probably just shut my mouth. 

@xjehan I emphatically disagree that JKR tried at all to take “credit” for the concept that Hermoine could be black, or that people are giving her all the credit. All JKR did was shut down the notion that Hermoine could not be portrayed as black. And people are giving her rightly deserved props for standing up for and supporting the representation fans created. Like, how awesome is it that she is saying “Yes, Hermoine could be portrayed as black.” It is VERY awesome because she is the creator of the series standing up for people wanting to headcanon Hermoine as not-white. And it’s not “backtracking” just because she didn’t portray Hermoine as black herself. JKR wasn’t the casting director for the movies. Nor did she flat out say that Hermoine was white in the books.

How is people being jazzed about this “ass kissing?” Like, seriously. Can we just let this be an awesome thing and celebrate it instead of doing the same thing bigots are doing and nit-picking? JFC…