Hellllooo Doctor….

I asked which character of mine I should draw and two first
suggestions were for Lady and Amon… so I drew them both, as the
actually are from the same ‘verse, and are linked together. Amon is a
back alley doctor and actually somewhat of a trusted doctor for Lady,
who often needs the services of someone who is trustworthy and doesn’t
ask too many questions. They are also friends…ish. Friendish is
totally a word.

Why is Amon naked?
He is a werewolf. He can transform into his wolf form at will (and is
forced to transform under full moon) … and his clothes aren’t
included. So wherever he transforms back he does tend to be naked. He
isn’t even bothered by it anymore, though he would prefer to get some
pants as soon as possible.

Lady approves.

My dumb ocs. Tagged nudity just in case even though nothing really shows.