i havent shaved my legs in a really long time and while i was babysitting my skirt edged up a bit and the seven year old i was watching said “ew you should shave that hairs not supposed to be there” and i said “well if its not supposed to be there then why does it grow there?” and he was really silent for a long time and then finally said “lets watch sonic the hedgehog”

tumors grow, are they supposed to be there?

its called “evolution”, just because its there doesnt mean its useful or wanted.

this sjust in obmama creates new law demanding that all men shave off their nipples “just cut them right off jusut fucking do it they dont do anyhting” he was quoted as screaming off the white house roof this morning

And like…body hair does serve a purpose? Leg hair specifically offers some warmth, protection against the sun and minor abrasions, and can help move sweat away from the body (though pit hair is MUCH better at the sweat thing. That’s the entire purpose of pit hair.)

This just in: tumors are evolution