I’ll keep it short and simple.  Small emergency, but the bills are paid at least.

Throw me $10, get something that looks like one of the headshots above.  Throw in a tip of literally any amount and get the process recorded for your fun viewing pleasure!

Throw me $30 and get something that looks like this! Another $8 for flat colors!  Send me your Fallout 4/WoW characters and let me draw them! 

If you’re interested in any other arrangements, please send me an ask with your Skype handle or other means of contacting you!  Please feel free to reblog!

Hey folks! Things have gotten a little tense the last few days, our bank card still hasn’t arrived and we’re running out of frozen chicken, trash bags, the car has no gas, etc. As it stands we’ll have to wait until at least Monday, if not longer until it gets here.

Please feel free to spread the word and reblog this post, or purchase a commission! They make great gifts for friends, especially the head shots!

Thank you guys so much.