HEY YO SO I got this Intuos tablet that I can’t use because it’s TOO BIG for me. It’s the 9×12″, and I don’t have a setup equipped to handle a tablet of this magnitude right now, so I need to get a smaller one.

Brand new on Amazon this tablet is like $200? So I was thinkin’ if someone wanted to buy this one for like $50 that’d be cool. It’s got some wear, but it’s still fully functional, comes with pen and pen stand, plus two extra nibs. Any takers? Send me an ask.

Heyyyy, reblog this for my GF, and for someone who needs a huge tablet for cheap!

I can vouch for this tablet’s awesomeness because it was mine. She’s an oldie, but she’s hella durable and never gave me any problems. The tablet is HUGE, so you gotta have the desk space. Definitely recommended for a desktop user or someone who likes to draw in their lap or on the floor.

I would also recommend it as not a beginner tablet. It’s got a large active drawing surface. Like really big, and while that’s great, I think it makes for getting used to digital drawing a bit harder. So, if you’re familiar with using a tablet and do bigger, more detailed pieces, it’s a very nice upgrade.