What is your least favorite piece of Warcraft material? Be it expansion, novel, comic, whatever, what thing was easily the biggest piece of overall bullshit for you?

The BIGGEST piece of goddamn bullshit is that Thrall is able to wield the Demon Soul. That shit ripped apart Neltharion and turned him into Deathwing, and some random ass orc thats not even from Azeroth, technically, can fucking wield it? And turned Deathwing into sparkles? What the Fuck.

You know, I was going to say something about the AU/time travel debacle of WoD, Kael’thas and Fandral being hit with the villain bat for no reason, the entire concept of Anveena, or the supposed sterility of dragons following Deathwing’s defeat, but you know what?  You already nailed it.  Thrall as substitute Earth Warder.  HATE IT.

Especially when they already had Wrathion as a character at the time, and having him step into the Earth Warder’s role, however reluctantly, would have been a great story.

Actually, wait.  I just thought of a thing I hate even more than Thrall being there in the first place: Thrall and Aggra’s pregnancy revelation stealing the ending cinematic from Deathwing.  THAT is what I hate the most about all of Warcraft lore.

The villain on the box of the expansion, the unifying force behind all its storylines, one of the oldest and most powerful beings on Azeroth, the star of the amazingly epic opening cinematic, the Breaker of Worlds, Neltharion, Xaxas, Daval Prestor, the Earth Warder, Chosen of Khaz’goroth, Aspect of Earth, the patriarch of the black dragonflight…  


…DEATHWING THE DESTROYER got unceremoniously cheated out of a closing cinematic so we could give Aggra a baby shower.  *seethe*


This entire room here:

Was it at all necessary to put a boss fight here, or the dragon eggs, or you know the claw marks in the walls considering what this place implies?