Remember 3 years ago when Andrew hussie raised 2.5 million bucks for a video game that has yet to be released or even really announced

i guess you didnt get the memo lmao

basically what happened is what pumpkin got fucked over by the studio (the odd gentlemen) they had asked to make the homestuck game

in 2014, tumblr user ipgd had written a post about this before it was taken down due to being legally bound to not publicly discuss information but the gist of what happened is this

they had given them $800k to start the projectthe odd gentlemen did next to nothing with the money, producing none of their agreed milestones and only one, unplayably bugged “playable build”

the odd gentlemen then proceeded to use the money they had been given and funneled it into their own games “wayward manor”

as an added kick in the ass, they did literally nothing to inform what pumpkin of their inability to spend time on the homestuck game, and instead looked to be actively discouraging open communication with them, refusing to even let andrew hussie enter the studios to talk more in depth about the game’s development

after 8 months of being bullshitted, what pumpkin finally terminated the contract with them and filed settlement claims.

while the legal process for this was happening, the odd gentlemen continued to spend another $170k of the kickstarter money on “king’s quest”

since this all happened, its been quiet and all we know is that what pumpkin has announced that the odd gentlemen will no longer be partaking in the games development and what pumpkin will be doing the game-making from then on