A rather specific list of questions~

  1. Are they partial to other races or are they xenophobic?
  2. Are there any triggers that make them cry, tear up?
  3. What is their favorite weapon, if any?
  4. What is their favorite Spell?
  5. What do they consider themselves concerning their skills/career? (Classic class or special snowflake?)
  6. Do they think they have mastered their chosen career/trade skills? Have they truly?
  7. Are they more comfortable in armor or in casual clothes?
  8. What is their ‘go to’ armor set?
  9. Do they generally stick to a specific color scheme in their wardrobe?
  10. Do they have a favorite book/literary piece?
  11. Do they enjoy music?
  12. What is their favorite meal of the day?
  13. What is their favorite dish/food?
  14. Do they indulge in any vices?
  15. What sort of drunk are they? Happy, angry, sleepy?
  16. What is their favorite Capital?
  17. Favorite city/village?
  18. Favorite Continent?
  19. Favorite zone?
  20. In what era were they at the peak of their glory? (Which expansion)
  21. Is there a race of the opposite faction they harbor especially deep hatred for?
  22. How do they feel about the current politics?
  23. How do they feel about their current faction leader?
  24. How do they feel about the opposite faction leader?
  25. How do they feel about their racial leader?
  26. Are they patriotic?
  27. Describe their morning routine.
  28. Describe their bed time routine.
  29. Do they currently attend any classes, practice, drill or courses?
  30. Do they study on their own time or aren’t proactive about gaining knowledge?