I have a predicament. Since I have literally 0 ideas for what I would want for Christmas this year, I’m trying to decide if I just want it to be one of those years where I get one big expensive thing instead of a bunch of cheap stuff that I’ll forget about in a couple of months. Sooo a new fancy hybrid tablet is the thing that keeps coming up.

But the question is which one? I want a Cintiq Companion like nobody’s business, but it’s well over my budget, even the little i5 128gb one. Where I can get an i5 128bg Surface Pro 3 for almost 600 bucks cheaper which puts it less than 100 bucks out of my budget range. There’s clearly pros and cons to both, Surface Pro has a better battery and is more portable and clearly cheaper, the Cintiq is well obviously a Cintiq so it has more pressure points better pen flow and most importantly to me the buttons on the side. I really can’t decide at all. Do I just go with the cheaper option because I haven’t really had much of an art drive for months now, or do some serious splurging and try to make it my excuse to draw more often? Anyone used any of these two that would maybe sway my decision, I’m running out of time pretty quickly.

I have the surface pro 3 and a desktop cintiq, and honestly I don’t really mind the lack of pressure sensitivity in the pen. I had to fool with SAI’s settings to make it not think i was double clicking all of the time but that’s really it. The big thing i miss compared to the cintiq is the eraser on the end, and the lack of replaceable tips. I’m kinda wearing the tip down and also squinting at the idea of having to buy a new pen.