A dude I met that LARPed hardcore once told me that most WoW RPers are some of the more whiny, entitled, and easily offended people he’s RPed with. And after seeing the collective pants shitting that occurred because one faceless pusswhip popped out and said they don’t like dragon RP, perhaps he was right.

Like, wow. Y’all got mad and rallied the fucking troops because someone didn’t like the way you played pretend on the internet. Boo fucking hoo.

It’s the “Undertale Vs Fallout 3″ fiasco all over again. A bunch of fucking nerds who feel so insecure about the thing they like that they have to rally and fight other people who don’t support their thing. Like it’s not good enough to just like something and be happy with what you have. You gotta throw a goddamn tantrum about it and prove your love for something as if that somehow gives you a sense of superiority.

Fucking wussbags, I swear.

There is a huge difference between saying “I’m not a fan of x in rp” and “everyone who rps x is literal shit.”

And neither of those things are worth expending worry, rage, or thought over. Like, why do you feel so insecure about the type of character you RP as that you need the validation of others? You can’t just look at the character you RP as, no matter how out there they are, and be like “I’m happy with this”?

If someone throws a shitfit so hard about not liking the way you play pretend on the internet, and you gather all of your friends into a rage induced frenzy to flame them for not laking your pretend dragon play, that makes both of you look stupid.

You don’t need validation from other people to enjoy what you like. You honestly think everything I like is given the same approval? Hell no! I like Med’an and Thrall for fuck’s sake, characters that most people in the fandom seem to hate. I may get annoyed with how some people may act about them, but I don’t go out of my way to flame that person and gather all the like minded people that think the way I do to shit on them. I like those characters, and that’s the only validation I need. Even if insulted, it’s something I can just shrug off. I like those characters, and my enjoyment of them is good enough for me. Whether someone is civil or vehement about their dislike is irrelevant, for I know what I like, and I’m not ashamed of it.

At the end of the day, it’s fiction, so

no one was raging

we took a brief moment to laugh and snicker at some dumb nerd, like so

and then we went back to our regularly scheduled shitposting it is not that deep son

why is sun tzu writing a book that no one cares about

sparknotes me ahzek

Why yes, this is a good summary of your posts. I’m glad we’ve come to an understanding.

How 2 win internet: make a post complaining about people having long winded pointless arguments… with several long winded pointless arguments.

This is too funny to not reblog.

So by pointing out a flawed way of conducting oneself in a group, it’s the same as being mad at someone who didn’t how you played pretend and getting all your friends to shit on them.

There’s so much reach there, Bungie is filing a cease and desist. 

It’s astounding how practically everyone completely missed the point. I pointed out how dumb it was for everybody to dogpile on one irrelevant fuckface for being like “you’re all losers dragon rp sux” because it’s people arguing over playing make believe and being so insecure about being adults playing make believe that they gotta argue for validation. And instead of everyone stopping and being like “yeah, maybe we do take this shit too seriously. I mean, it’s just pretend so who cares? Let’s enjoy ourselves. It’s not hurting anyone, and it’s fun,” everyone kneejerked and pulled out their meme folder to see which one of them can show they don’t care the most.

By the way, you tripped over your own shoelaces trying to go “gotcha” by pointing how I’m supposedly complaining about complaining by complaining about my supposed complaining.

Sorry that’s too much boring argument to bother to read. An’t got that kind of time, boyo. Though knowing you’re salty enough to keep replying to every person here is pretty entertaining.

Well, you had the time to reblog it twice and read my response, so you clearly cared enough to waste your time on my salt. So would that make us the pot and kettle?

And salt’s very delicious and anti-bacterial, so I’ll take that label.

Rebloggin’ don’t take that long, mang. Bout as much effort as wiping my nose. I just wanna see how long this goes on for.

wait does he actually think people are reading anything more than the first sentence of his posts anymore