A dude I met that LARPed hardcore once told me that most WoW RPers are some of the more whiny, entitled, and easily offended people he’s RPed with. And after seeing the collective pants shitting that occurred because one faceless pusswhip popped out and said they don’t like dragon RP, perhaps he was right.

Like, wow. Y’all got mad and rallied the fucking troops because someone didn’t like the way you played pretend on the internet. Boo fucking hoo.

It’s the “Undertale Vs Fallout 3″ fiasco all over again. A bunch of fucking nerds who feel so insecure about the thing they like that they have to rally and fight other people who don’t support their thing. Like it’s not good enough to just like something and be happy with what you have. You gotta throw a goddamn tantrum about it and prove your love for something as if that somehow gives you a sense of superiority.

Fucking wussbags, I swear.